Rhythmic Gymnastics Online Workshop

...for Special Olympics coaches, judges and athletes


In-person workshops are awesome because you can get immediate feedbacks and get questions answered. However, there are also the following drawbacks:

  • Timing - once a year type of workshops mean that the participants cannot time it to their own need. Futhermore, not everyone can absorb the material at the same rate. With an online platform, you can learn at your own pace and at your own schedule.
  • Location - most of the workshops are conducted in the lower mainland / Victoria. It is a major challenge for the out-of-area locals/clubs due to travelling time and cost. With an online workshop, you can do it at your own home and maybe even while on public transit.
  • Cost - room rental, travelling cost, etc can become prohibitive in times where budget is tight. The intent is to have this online workshop available at very low-cost / free with BCRSGF membership.
  • Archives - workshops come and go. This online platform allow us to accumulate relevant workshop materials that last beyond a single workshop.
  • Varying needs because of background - not all Special Olympics volunteers have rhythmic gymnastics background. It is quite a challenge to meet all the different requirements using a single workshop. However, hosting multiple workshops is not realistic at this point.
  • Unifying viewpoints - having a knowledgeable instructor at a workshop is awesome, however, that is still one person's viewpoint and experiences. Having a common platform where ideas and tips can be gathered and shared will bring us to the next level.
  • Ongoing improvements - with an online archive, with feedback, experiences, tips and support from the generic and Special O community, we can evolve and improve together.

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